How to Use MIDI

Standard MIDI files will normally play on most computers, but it’s best to  configure MIDI files for best results.


Steps to using MIDI:


  1. Install a MIDI application on your computer
  2. Download the MIDI file from our website
  3. Import the file into your MIDI music application
  4. Configure the file track-by-track for optimal sound
  5. Save the configured MIDI file for storage & playback
  6. Now get ready to rock because this is just the beginning!


Links to MIDI Training Websites:


Some MIDI training websites containing information on how to use MIDI:


QuickStart! – MIDI Fundamentals Course –!-MIDI-Fundamentals-Tutorials.htm


Understanding MIDI / Samplers and Sampling (offers a $34.95 training video) –


Find Free MIDI Music Studio Software


MIDI Association – Certification Platform offering courses –


Edit MIDI Information for the Bitwig Studio ( Inc website) –


Trust me, there are many more out there.  Let us know if we can help!

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