Standard Midi (GM) Files M-S


Many and Great – Manalo

Memorare – Mather

Memorial Acclamation – Mass of Christ the Savior

O Bless the Lord – Michaels

O Come All Ye Faithful

O Come O Come Emanuel

O God You Search Me – Farrell

O Holy Night – Adolphe Adam

O Most Holy One – O Santissima

On Eagles Wings – Joncas

One Bread One Body – Foley

Only In God – Talbot

Open My Eyes – Manibusan

Open My Eyes-w/ bridge – Manibusan

O Sacred Head Surrounded – Good Friday

Pan de Vida – Hurd

Panis Angelicus – traditional

Peace My Friends – Ray Repp

People Look East – trad’l French carol

Pescador De Hombres – Gabarain

Por Tu Cruz – Misa Santa Fe

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Praise to the Lord – traditional

Prayer of St Francis – Sebastian Temple

Precious Lord Take My Hand – Dorsey

Ps1 Blessed are they who hope in the Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps16 You Are My Inheritance – R&A Alstott

Ps18 I love you Lord my strength – R&A Alstott

Ps19 Lord you have the words – R&A Alstott

Ps19 The Precepts of the Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps22 My God, my God, why have you abandoned me

Ps23 The Lord Is My Shepherd – R&A Alstott

Ps24 Lord This Is the People – R&A Alstott

Ps25 To You O Lord I lift my soul – R&A Alstott

Ps27 The Lord is my light – R&A Alstott

Ps30 I Will Praise You Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps31 Father into your hands – R&A Alstott

Ps33 Blessed the People – R&A Alstott

Ps33 Lord Let Your Mercy Be On Us – R&A Alstott

Ps33 The earth is full of the goodness – R&A Alstott

Ps34 Taste and See – R&A Alstott

Ps42 Like a deer that longs – R&A Alstott

Ps47 God Mounts His Throne – R&A Alstott

Ps51 Be Merciful O Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps51 Oh Dios Crea en Mi- Cortes

Ps54 The Lord Upholds My Life – R&A Alstott

Ps67 May God bless Us – R&A Alstott

Ps67 O God let all the Nations – R&A Alstott

Ps71- I will sing of your salvation – R&A Alstott

Ps72 – Lord Every Nation on Earth – R&A Alstott

Ps80 Lord Make Us Turn to You – R&A Alstott

Ps84 Blessed are they who dwell – R&A Alstott

Ps89 Forever I Will Sing – R&A Alstott

Ps90 Fill us with your love O Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps91 Be With Me – Haugen

Ps91 Be with me Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps92 Lord It Is Good – R&A Alstott

Ps93 The Lord is King – R&A Alstott

Ps95 If Today You Hear His Voice – R&A Alstott

Ps96 Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds – R&A Alstott

Ps98 Sing to the Lord a new song – R&A Alstott

Ps100 We Are His People – R&A Alstott

Ps103 The Lord is Kind n Merciful – R&A Alstott

Ps104 Lord Send Out Your Spirit – R&A Alstott

Ps104 O Bless the Lord My Soul – R&A Alstott

Ps113 Blessed Be the Name – R&A Alstott

Ps116 I Will Walk Before the Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps116 Our blessing cup – R&A Alstott

Ps118 Give Thanks to the Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps118 Grand Alleluia – R&A Alstott

Ps118 This Is the day the Lord has made

Ps126 The Lord Has Done Great Things – R&A Alstott

Ps128 Blessed are those who fear the Lord – R&A Alstott

Ps128 May the Lord Bless Us – R&A Alstott

Ps130 With the Lord there is mercy – R&A Alstott

Ps138 In the sight of the angels – R&A Alstott

Ps145 I Will Praise Your Name Forever – R&A Alstott

Ps146 Praise the Lord My Soul – R&A Alstott

Rain Down – Cortez

Ready the Way – Hurd

Remember Your Love – Ducote

Resucito – Kiko Arguello

Return to Me – Hurd

River of Glory – Schutte

Saints of God – Haas

Santo/Holy – Misa Santa Fe

Santo Holy – Hurd

Save Us Savior – Mass of Christ the Savior

Save Us Savior – Stephan Mass of Renewal

Save Your People – Farrell

Seed Scattered and Sown – Feiten

Seek the Lord – O’Connor

Seek Ye First – Lafferty

Send Us Your Spirit – Haas

Servant Song – McGargill

Shelter Me O God – Hurd

Shepherd Me O God – Haugen

Sing a New Church – Dufner

Sing a New Song – Schutte

Sing of the Lord’s Goodness – Sands

Sing to the Mountains – Dufford

Silent Night

Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo – Cortez

Song of Farewell – Ernest Sands

Song of Farewell (Old Hundreth)

Song of the Body of Christ – Haas

Soon and Very Soon – Crouch

Spirit Come – Norbet

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